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Sophie Bellissent, Christiane Gauthier, Dyan Marie, Ann Mandelbaum
The Photographic Immaterial

Grotesque and fantastic. These words seem to resonate with excess. The worlds that they evoque are surprising; they stimulate curiosity and disgust, fascination and displeasure: feeling builds from that tension. Here, the same formal means that are put to the service of transgression and disunity also spring up in coded structures of enclosure and regulation. Whether drawing on the grotesque or the fantastic, strangeness is inextricably linked to the strictest order and most detailed register : the rule of metamorphosis (Gauthier); the rule of numbers (Marie); the rule of science (Bellissent); and the rule of portraiture (Mandelbaum).

Year of publication : october 1996
24×21,5 cm , 96 pages
Selling price : 15 €. Text in French and English.

Exhibition dates :
from October 30, 1996 to January 31, 1997.

Introduction by Jean Fredette.
Foreword by Martha Langford and Catherine Bédard.
Essays by Martha Langford: “Photographic Emanations: The Immaterial Grotesque”;
and Catherine Bédard: “The Turbulence of the Fantastic”.

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Sophie Bellissent, Christiane Gauthier, Dyan Marie, Ann Mandelbaum