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Wavering identities
Texts by Catherine Bédard

“Wavering Identities” is more an event than an exhibition. The duo who form Attitude d’artistes take hold of the symbolism of the flag and turn it around to rethink the relationship between public image and personal and social identity. This project plays on inter-nationality by dealing with the notions of insult, rejection, solitude, territory, prejudice and racism. It associates the Canadian Cultural Centre, during its 30th anniversary, to an extensive event organized in conjunction with the Festival de la photographie actuelle, Bitume-Bitumen, 1999, World Wild Flags 2000 in Liège and the Centre de diffusion de la photographie Vox in Montreal. According to where Attitude d’artistes’ “flags” are raised, they necessarily provoke a range of reactions, surprises, rejections and reflections related to the particular places they both solemnly and light-heartedly invade.

Year of publication : october 2000
22,5×15 cm , 96 pages
Selling price : 18,5 €. Text in French and English.

Exhibition dates :
from October 6 to November 18, 2000.

Preface by Robert Desbiens. Essays by Catherine Bédard: “Public art: wind in the sails” and by Jean Pelchat: “Comparative Flags”. Includes texts by Attitude d’artistes (Jacky G. Lafargue, Louis Couturier).

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Wavering identities/Identités flottantes - Catherine Bédard

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