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Wyn Geleynse
Trop haut, trop bas, trop loin

Originally from Rotterdam, Wyn Geleynse presents a group of four enigmatic pbject-screen works – or micro-theatres – inviting the viewer to appreciate their peculiar scenes up close. These works show video images of the artist as a clumsy tightrope walker, disguised as Pinocchio or dressed in a business suit, suspended in mid-air. Geleynse portrays the role of solitary characters, creating the portrait of a creature removed from his environment. Through this miniaturized world of the spectacular, the artist provides a view of his own existence with a subtle mix of irony and humanity.

Year of publication : june 2003
12,4×21,4 cm , 62 pages
Selling price : 16 €. Text in French and English.

Exhibition dates :
from October 1st to November 29, 2003.

Essay by Françoise Parfait: “Ghost in the Shell”.

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Wyn Geleynse - Trop haut, trop bas, trop loin

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