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Another look at Man-Altered Landscape
Galerie Catherine & André Hug

Galerie Catherine et André Hug
November 04th, 2021 - November 27th, 2021

Capture d’écran 2021-11-04 à 16.58.39
Red Float flats, Glasgow, 2014 © Chris Leslie
© Edward Burtynsky - Galerie Catherine & André Hug

From November 4 to 27 as part of PhotoSaintGermain, Galerie Catherine & André Hug presents Another look at Man-Altered Landscape: this exhibition does focus on a situation that has become critical, through the intersecting eyes of Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky, French photographer Eric Tabuchi and twenty international photographers.

A mass grave of used tires in California, a plastic dump in Nairobi, a graveyard for merchant navy boats in Bangladesh… In partnership with the Canadian Cultural Center, four large and alarmist photographs by Edward Burtynsky capture the drifts of the anthropocene era.

A socially engaged visionwith which those of Eric Tabuchi, Xavier Beaumont, Elizabeth Bourne, Garry Bowcott, Bill Leigh Brewer, Owen Davies, Fabien Dendievel, Ted Diamond, Alexander Dumarey, Chris Faust, Andy Feltham, Jacques Gautreau, Stéphane Goin, Paul Hamelin, Andrea Kunstle, Markus Lehr, Chris Leslie, Ian Lindo, Doug B Richardson, Marco Rizzo, Alexis Toureau, Paul Turner, and Avard Woolaver, resonate

The four large photographs by Edward Burtynsky are presented with the support of the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris. 

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Galerie Catherine et André Hug
40 rue de Seine, Paris

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