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Aurae – Exhibition-Experience
Sabrina Ratté

Gaîté Lyrique
March 17th, 2022 - November 06th, 2022

© Sabrina Ratté - Undream - 2018

From March 17 to July 10, the Gaîté Lyrique presents Aurae, an “exhibition-experience” by Canadian artist Sabrina Ratté! 

Through a series of installations, screenings, prints, photogrammetries, sculptures and spatial displays, Sabrina Ratté invents carnal landscapes and dreamed architectures, situated somewhere between the physical and the virtual world.

Aurae borrows its title from one of her first videos with sun-washed colours (2012), but also from the etymology of the word “aura”, which indicates a gentle wind, a breath, an atmosphere. With this series of works full of poetry and science fiction, Sabrina Ratté gives relief to images to restore a new aura in the age of technology.

The exhibition takes the form of a journey in which the visitor becomes an actor in the exhibition space. Aurae is presented as a large group of immersive architectures and landscapes inhabited by a moving visual material, questioning the physical separation between two realities.

Curator: Jos Auzende
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In partnership with the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris.

In parallel to her exhibition at La Gaîté Lyrique, join us to discover Floralia III by Sabrina Ratté presented in our group exhibition Decision Making at the Canadian Cultural Centre until April 15!

Sabrina Ratté
Canadian artist based between Montreal and Marseille, Sabrina Ratté evolves at the frontier of visual arts, scenography, performance and music. The continuous exploration of new techniques nourishes the themes that run through her work, including the influence of architecture and the digital world on our perceptions, as well as the relationship we have with the virtual aspect of life. Born in 1982 in Quebec City, Sabrina Ratté has been drawing on the relationship between the real and the virtual for the past ten years to imagine her environments, which she works with analog technologies and digital tools, making electricity her raw material and video her malleable substance.


Gaîté Lyrique
3 bis rue Papin, Paris

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