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Canad’AIR – Season 2, épisode 8
Rhodnie Désir, dancing to the rhythm of the history of Afro-descendant communities

Centre culturel canadien
February 24th, 2022

Balado - Rhodnie Désir - Format carré

In this new episode of Canad’AIR, we take you to the four corners of the Americas for a historical and artistic journey! In the company of  incredible Montreal choreographer Rhodnie Désir, we follow in the footsteps of her Bow’t Trail: a documentary and choreographic journey to the heart of the memories of Afro-descendant communities. 

From Haiti to Halifax via Brazil, Mexico and New Orleans, Rhodnie Désir takes us to the origin of the rhythms born of the violence of uprooting, migration and the deportation of millions of men, women and children during centuries of slavery. Her creative quest reveals the incredible fire that burns in the memories of Afrodescendant communities, the rhythms that have made our society vibrate from yesterday to today to the sound of the struggles of resistance.

It’s 6am in Montreal when we meet our guest online, through the magic of the Internet. With a rooibos tea in her hand, Rhodnie Désir takes us on a tour of her Bow’t Trail. With her, we follow the rich heritage of Black communities through documentary choreography. Together, we will discover how choreographer Rhodnie Désir became in turn a resistance fighter, then a bearer of memory. 

Ready for take-off? Let’s go!

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