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Celebrate Canada Day With Us!

Centre culturel canadien
June 30th, 2023 18:00 - 21:00

Veeby Afrobeat, Crédit photo Jean Gardy
Sasha Amaya, crédits Dieter Hartwig

Come and celebrate Canada Day at the Canadian Cultural Centre! On Friday 30 June, we look forward to a triple programme. Visit our new exhibition “Deployment” by Emmanuelle Léonard, which will transport you to Canada’s Far North, discover “Autoportrait” an original creation by contemporary dancer Sasha Amaya, and dance to the rhythms of Veeby Afrosoul. Discover the many facets of Canada!

 Free standing shows.

– Guided tour of our exhibition “Deployment” at 6.30pm
– Performance by dancer Sasha Amaya at 7pm (standing – no seats)
– Concert by Cameroonian-Canadian artist Veeby Afrosoul at 8pm (standing – no seats)

A continuation of artist Emmanuelle Léonard’s photographic and videographic projects from the past fifteen years, which focused on the hierarchies that form within social, judiciary, military and religious systems, this group of works pursues her interest in the function of authority and the mechanisms by which it is circumvented or undermined. The body of work was produced following a research residency in Canada’s Far North as part of the Canadian Forces Arts Program.

Sasha Amaya
Winnipeg artist Sasha Amaya works in dance, choreography, installation, and spatial design. She is particularly interested in understanding how we frame, utilize, reject, and repurpose historical narratives and techniques in contemporary art work.

Autoportrait is part of new series exploring self-portraiture in the choreographic. While self-portraiture is a hallmark of the visual arts — a keeping of time, representation of moment, and showcase of technique and experimentation — self-portraiture is not a traditional practice in the movement arts as such. What does a choreographic self-portraiture look like? Autoportrait is a short offering of dancer and choreographer Sasha Amaya’s investigation of this form.

Veeby Afrosoul
Cameroonian-Canadian artist Veeby Afrosoul will take you on a journey across several continents. Her soul, jazz, bossa nova and African sounds are rich in texture and symbolism, and will set the mood for a festive, emotionally-charged evening.

Her music is full of vibrant rhythms, with hints of jazz, hip-hop and neo-soul, all firmly rooted in her African origins. Committed, she doesn’t hesitate to point the finger at injustice and discrimination in her songs.

Accompanied by Mitcheal Madner Henry, her musical director and guitarist, and Chuck on bass and percussion, you’re in for a rich and festive evening!

Fête du Canada 2023 - Performance de Sasha Amaya au CCC
Fête du Canada 2023 - Performance de Sasha Amaya au CCC
Fête du Canada 2023 - Concert de Veebee au CCC
Fête du Canada 2023 - Concert de Veebee au CCC
Fête du Canada 2023 - Concert de Veebee au CCC


Centre culturel canadien
130 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris

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