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Polar Tales from the Great North By Nathalie Krajcik

[:fr]Centre culturel canadien (Invalides)[:en]Canadian Cultural Centre (Invalides)[:]
January 29th, 2014 15:00 - 16:00

Nathalie Krajcik Photo Marcella Barbieri
Nathalie Krajcik - Photo © Marcella Barbieri
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“In the very beginning, nothing was like it was after or before! 

Crow was all white. How did he change clothes? Harfang played jacks, what was he doing now? And Tuktu the caribou was simultaneously a breath, a being and a parka but where did he come from? At that time, words were magic, because to name a thing was to summon it. At that time, men and animals shared the same language.” 

These polar tales invite us to hear the stories of animals that play, eat, turn into something else, help each other and protect each other. These stories explain how to grow up. A classic traditional repertoire from the Arctic (from Alaska, Canada and Greenland) performed with power and imagination by Nathalie Krajcik, a French-Quebec storyteller (www.lessinguliers.fr).

Programmed by the Espace Culturel Inuit 

Ages 3 and up / duration 45 min. Free admission with reservation: espace.inuit@free.fr / 06 88 09 68 77


[:fr]Centre culturel canadien (Invalides)[:en]Canadian Cultural Centre (Invalides)[:]
5, rue de Constantine, Paris

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