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Festival International de films de femmes de Créteil
Spotlight on Canadian women directors!

Maison des Arts
March 11th, 2022 - March 20th, 2022

Babysitter, Monia Chokri (2021)
Beans_METROPOLE_FR_Poster_Canada_27x39-scaled (1)
Beans, Tracey Deer (2021)

From March 11 to 20, the spotlight is on Canadian women directors at the Festival International de films de femmes de Créteil! Discover some of the feature and short films that have made their mark in recent years with Beans by Mohawk director Tracey Deer, Babysitter by director Monia Chokri and On ne tue jamais par amour by Manon Testud! 

  • Beans, Tracey Deer (2020) – Trailer 

Twelve-year-old Beans,torn between the innocence of childhood and the bubbling awakening of adolescence, is forced to grow up quickly to become a brave Mohawk warrior.
Director Tracey Deer won the Emerging Talent Award at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) for her film Beans in 2020 

Screenings on March 15 and 18 at 1.30pm 

  • Babysitter, Monia Chokri (2020) 

After a sexist joke goes viral, Cedric, a new father and engineer, is suspended by his employer. His brother Jean-Michel encourages Cédric to start a therapeutic reflection on the foundations of his misogyny. His wife Nadine, on the other hand, is dealing with postpartum depression and a mental burden that is driving her into a state of abysmal solitude. The arrival in their lives of a babysitter with hypnotic powers turns their lives upside down.

Screening on March 20 at 7pm at Cinéma Les 7 Parnassiens with Mona Chokri.

  • On ne tue jamais par amour, Manon Testud (2021, 15’)

In the middle of the night, women, sisters, colleagues and friends gather together: an inclusive group that meets in joy and good humour to leave writings on the walls. They want to raise awareness so that the systemic violence suffered by women and gender minorities can be brought to an end. In Montreal, the collective is acting with sober collages for a strong message: stop feminicide!

Screenings on March 14 at 1.30 pm and 9pm and on March 17 at 1.30 pm

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With the support of the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris.


Maison des Arts
Place Salvador Allende, Créteil

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