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La Guerre Météorologique au Groenland
An unknown episode of WWII

[:fr]Centre culturel canadien (Invalides)[:en]Canadian Cultural Centre (Invalides)[:]
May 26th, 2011 18:00 - 19:30

Christiane Moinet - Hutte meteorologique allemenande
Christiane Moinet
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The Espace Culturel Inuit invites you to a lecture by Christiane Moinet. An actress and director, she has specialized in historical and cultural events for over twenty years, sharing her knowledge on polar cruise and cargo ships.

Founded in Vienna in 1873, the International Meteorological Organization took on strategic importance at the beginning of the Second World War. Forecasting the weather helped guarantee the effectiveness of military operations, both defence and attack. 

The weather stations operating on the eastern coast of Greenland thus became “targets”, so their invaluable observations were shielded from the enemy. 

The Germans on one side, the Allies on the other, two teams were secretly set up by the enemy general staffs with orders to seize, never mind the cost, these small huts, which were incidentally ridiculously vulnerable.

We know that only those who had perfect knowledge of the terrain, thus “Men of the North”, could get there and hope to survive.

We know that “solidarity” existed in a world where the only enemy was the environment. 

What would happen if the enemy patrols confronted each other in the middle of the polar night?

Far removed from war correspondents and sensational reports, this was the story behind what is still known as “The Arctic Patrol”.

For an adult audience – duration: 80 min


[:fr]Centre culturel canadien (Invalides)[:en]Canadian Cultural Centre (Invalides)[:]
5, rue de Constantine, Paris

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