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L’Avalée des avalés
Festival OFF d’Avignon

Le Petit Louvre
July 06th, 2018 - July 29th, 2018

Visuel L'avalée des avalées

Young Bérénice Einberg, whom everything swallows, is the heroine of Réjean Ducharme’s L’Avalée des avalés, the author’s first published work and a cult novel.
Bérénice Einberg lives with her parents and a brother she loves on an island in suburban Montreal. From a very young age, the siblings are placed at the heart of the parents’ marital conflict. Amid the parental struggles, Bérénice unconditionally loves her brother Christian, with whom she shares her imaginary world. Thus, they escape from demanding everyday life in which their parents use and separate them.
With the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, Lorraine Pintal reconstructs the substance of the novel and the reality of a period.

Further information: http://theatre-petit-louvre.fr/avignon/lavalee-des-avales/


Le Petit Louvre
23 rue Saint-Agricol, Avignon

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