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Samian & La Chica
Virtual conversation moderated by Louis-Philippe Labrèche (Canal Auditif)

Centre culturel canadien
May 06th, 2021 20:00 - 21:00

Portrait de Samian - Tous droits réservés
Portrait de La Chica - Par Guillaume Malheiro
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Let’s begin the month in music with the Canadian Cultural Centre! We invite you on Thursday, May 6th at 8pm on our Facebook page and our Youtube channel to a live meeting between the Canadian rapper and slammer Samian and the Franco-Venezuelan singer-songwriter La Chica

These two artists share an uncompromising artistic relationship with music, a strong sensitivity to visual arts and the creative power of their ancestral cultures. The first rapper and slammer of the First Nations to express himself in French and Algonquin, Samian launched his own music label Nikamo Musik in March 2021, with which he supports other Indigenous artists. La Chica, a Franco-Venezuelan singer-songwriter, offers a collage of sound textures from her traditional heritage and various modern influences in her music and her latest album La Loba.

This conversation will be moderated by Louis-Philippe Labrèche, editor of Canal Auditif.

Samian: Rapper and slammer, Samian expresses himself in French and Algonquin. He has performed across Canada, from coast to coast, and has also made a name for himself on the international scene (France, Spain, Finland, China). Samian is also a photographer: in 2015, he was a spokesperson for the World Press Photo Montreal, in addition to having presented some shots there.
That same year, his first book of poetry “La plume d’aigle” was published by Mémoire d’encrier in which he pays tribute to the Ancestors. In March 2021, Samian launched his own music label, Nikamo Musik, with which he supports other Aboriginal artists. 

La Chica: On one side of the ocean, there is Latin America, an intense land full of magic. On the other side, there is Paris, Belleville, a multicultural, urban and modern land. Between pianos and keyboards, the Spanish-speaking artist La Chica skilfully mixes her classical inspirations and her love for Debussy, with the depth of analog synthesizer layers. A burst of raw emotion, between abstract thoughts and poetic introspection.

Louis-Philippe Labrèche (host) : Louis-Philippe was an actor and theatre director in another life. He is also a music lover; almost a fanatic! His (more or less) young ears are on the lookout for new sounds and bold musical trends. He has been writing for Canal Auditif for 2011 years, and has been the editor-in-chief since January 2017. 

A conversation in partnership with Paris – New York Festival.


Centre culturel canadien
130 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris

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