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Flash literary discussions
Festival du Livre de Paris

Centre culturel canadien
April 21st, 2023 20:00 - 22:00

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The Canadian Cultural Centre, in partnership with Québec Édition, is delighted to partner with the Festival du Livre de Paris, which will take place from April 21 to 23 in various locations in Paris. On Friday April 21 at 8 pm, come and meet Canadian authors published in France by Canadian publishers, for an evening of flash author talks!

The programme includes three exciting discussions:

How is writing a rich playground for two authors who take pleasure in offering us texts where fiction, humour and history intermingle? Come hear from Joël Bégin, who transports us to 1960s Quebec with Plessis (VLB éditeur); and Ghislain Taschereau, who has had fun producing a new humorous text with Les déchirures de l’amour (Éditions de l’Individu).

See how powerful words can be. Kharoll-Ann Souffrant invites us, with Le privilège de dénoncer (Éditions du remue-ménage), to broaden our understanding of sexual and racist violence, for the benefit of society as a whole. Marie-Eve Bourassa‘s three-volume series for teenagers, Parasites (La Bagnole), realistically depicts the phenomenon of bullying in high school and exposes the hold that a malicious application can have on a group of teenagers. Juliana Léveillé-Trudel, in  On a tout l’automne (La Peuplade), invites us to reconnect with the narrator of Nirliit who, two years later, after a few Inuktitut lessons, returns to Salluit and meets up with her students who have become teenagers and with whom she can now communicate in their language.

How does literature help us to better understand the world we live in? Come and meet authors of books that do good and enlighten us. Maï Nguyen, in Rien de beau sur la guerre (Les éditions du passage) plunges us into one of the great armed conflicts of the 20th century through the prism of an individual and family journey. It helps us to better understand what many people experience in today’s wars. Pierre Lefebvre‘s Le virus et la proie (Écosociété) is a masterful text, neither quite theatre nor quite a political manifesto, on the anger and sense of powerlessness that plague many contemporary people. Mustapha Fahmi with La promesse de Juliette (La Peuplade) delivers a happy succession of short essays that are both simple and profound.

A book-signing session will be organized following the discussions in collaboration with the Librairie du Québec à Paris. The authors will also be present at the Festival du Livre de Paris at the Québec Édition booth.

In partnership with Québec edition, a committee of the Association nationale des éditeurs de livres (ANEL) dedicated to the international promotion of Quebec and French-Canadian books.


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Festival du livre de Paris - Littérature au CCC
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Festival du livre de Paris - Littérature au CCC
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Festival du livre de Paris - Littérature au CCC


Centre culturel canadien
130 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris

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