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Canadian club
Canadian club

A festive proposition ending the special events produced during the 400th anniversary celebrations of the founding of Canada, “Canadian Club” presented the projects of twelve artists from the Toronto collective Persona Volare. Brought together as a club of artists with different practices, yet sharing a desire for a collective approach (both sensitive and invasive towards places presenting unique challenges in contrast to traditional exhibitions spaces), Carlo Cesta, Michael Davey, Reid Diamond, Rebecca Diederichs, John Dickson, Brian Hobbs, Lorna Mills, Lisa Neighbour, Chantal Rousseau, Lyla Rye, Kate Wilson and Johannes Zits flirt with the limits between that which is public, authorized, expected and that which opposes it.

Year of publication : april 2005
21×29,7 cm , 86 pages
Selling price : 22 €. Text in French and English.

Exhibition dates :
from February 18 to June 18, 2005.

Essays by Catherine Bédard “Canadian Club, or, A Cocktail of Canadians for Foreign Consumption”;
and Corinna Ghazvani: “Canadian Club: Persona Volare”.

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Canadian club

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