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John Massey
This Land

“This Land” presents entirely new works by multimedia artist John Massey, a major figure in the Canadian visual arts scene: a video “This Land” (after which the entire show is named) as well as “The Soldier Series”, a photographic series depicting grandiose natural landscapes or interiors typically associated with the masculine, inhabited by military figures. By creating dual images that combine true-to-reality photographic representation and an obvious mock composition, the series proposes a unique view of themes such as military image, heroism, landscape and even the sublime.

Year of publication : february 2006
24×24 cm , 95 pages
Selling price : 26 €. Text in French and English.

Exhibition dates :
from December 16, 2005 to February 25, 2006.

Preface by Jean Fredette ; essays by Catherine Bédard: “Still Imagery, Strange Landscapes”; and by Danièle Cohn: “And Everywhere That Mary Went”.

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John Massey This Land

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