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Tuktu le petit caribou
Semaine des cultures étrangères

[:fr]Centre culturel canadien (Invalides)[:en]Canadian Cultural Centre (Invalides)[:]
September 28th, 2011 10:30 - 11:15

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Visuel Semaine des cultures étrangères 2011

At 10:30 a.m. at the Canadian Cultural Centre.

Tuktu, le petit caribou is a tale that allows children to discover the Inuit world through a very sweet story and a show blending image and music.

Show for children aged two to five Duration: 35 mn

Tuktu, the little caribou, finds himself alone in the tundra after a snowstorm. He then meets a young Inuit, who becomes his friend and shows him his world. A show in light and shade, filled with music. A poetic journey in the Far North.

A show by Cie Par-dessus les Toits

Text: Céline Espardellier (storyteller) – Music: Nadia Guenet (flautist)

Paintings and  figurines : Françoise Aubry – Decoration: Sébastien Belgodère

Free admission with reservations 06 88 09 68 77 / espace.inuit@free.fr


[:fr]Centre culturel canadien (Invalides)[:en]Canadian Cultural Centre (Invalides)[:]
5, rue de Constantine, Paris

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